Design / Develop



The Designer will perform market research including: identifying new “hot” developments and the amenities and unit sizes being utilized, speaking to brokers regarding market design trends, independent online research through Trulia and other web tools.


The Designer will select inspiration photos to guide the design process.


The Designer will design the project based on the chosen and visualized style while communicating with the Pre-Construction Manager, Architect and/or Engineer, and Head Project Manager.  The Design will be delivered in multiple packages which will correspond to the project timeline as listed in our Design Packages ➝


The Designer will receive a schedule of allowances from the Pre-Construction Manager which will be used to guide the selection of finished materials for the project.  The Kitchen Elevations will be produced in this stage in conjunction with the kitchen vendor.  Once finished materials have been selected, the Designer will complete the finished material order form in SmartSheets.


The Designer will attend the Floor-Framing Confirmation, Pre-Sheetrock Inspection, and Punch-List meetings to ensure that the design vision is being executed properly.  The Designer will work with the Assistant Project manager as needed through the purchase of the items on the finished material order form.  Should a situation arise during Construction Execution that requires a change to the floorplans, the Designer will update the auto-cad floorplans as necessary in conjunction with the HPM and Architect/Engineer.  Once the project has been completed, the Designer will participate in the Close-Out meeting, utilizing the feedback from the project to inform design and execution decisions on future projects.