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Unlock your land's potential value without giving up ownership.

Learn how a partnership with Arbie makes your land more valuable than you thought possible


How the Partnership  works

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At our initial meeting, we will explain how Arbie's vertically-integrated business model, business partnerships, and experience are leveraged to unlock the potential of your land.

Landowners lack one or all of the following: expertise, time, resources, capital, and access to a construction loan

During the meeting, we discuss our unique investment approach of a Joint Venture Partnership. Instead of offering the property owner a buy out we propose a partnership agreement. In the agreement, the landowner trades a percentage of equity in the new business partnership for a property that is more valuable than they ever thought possible.



Our team creates a financial model for your property presenting you with the best options to unlock the potential of your land. From raising capital to mortgage refinancing, our financial models detail every dollar being spent so you can achieve peace of mind.  Our models include:

  • Highest and best usage of the land to maximize returns
  • In-depth site analysis such as zoning and air rights
  • Projections of hard and soft costs based on years of construction experience
  • Financing strategies for raising capital, mortgages, construction and acquisition loans
  • Strategies for Taxes and Fees
  • Cash flow, Equity, and Profit analyses 




If you have ever dealt with a government agency you know it takes time to get paperwork approved, and that is a huge problem, because when it comes to Construction, time is money - literally.

Our pre-construction team specializes in creating structural and architectural plans that maximize the building's efficiency while ensuring it gets approved expeditiously.

Our tight-knit vertically integrated business model is so efficient that it allows us to build your project quickly on a foundation of accountability and transparency at a price per square foot that is difficult to beat. 

Learn More About our Construction Process ➝

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From the initial meeting, Arbie's focus is always maximizing the return for the client’s property. We leverage our key business partnerships with brokers, operators, and property managers to fill the property with either homeowners or tenants before construction is complete. 

After Arbie finishes all the work from planning to construction you get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.