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A General Contractor that delivers Turn-key Construction

We are a General Contractor that understands how all facets of construction fall into place at the deal level. 


The Construction Process

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Arbie's team of pre-construction professionals will ensure minimal hurdles through-out the construction process. We plan diligently to guarantee a value engineered building that will be built quickly, efficiently, and with integrity.

  • Develop a value engineered building
  • Design & Advisory Services
  • Planning that reduces hurdles such as stop work orders
  • Debt and loan structuring



Construction Execution

Our construction team has a proven track record of building cost-effective buildings in a time-sensitive manner. Their experience in the pre and post construction process creates for a dynamic client experience that improves construction efficiency dramatically.

  • Design & Advisory Services
  • Daily on-site project managment
  • Relationships with required inspectors and site supers

Post Construction

A typical GC will hand a new building owner a set of keys and leave them with the headache of dealing with inspections, sign-offs, and the DOB. Arbie manages the entire post-construction process for new building owners, delivering a turn-key result.

  • Get the building signed off
  • Obtain the TCO or Certificate of Occupancy
  • Handle objections from the DOB, MEP, and other inspectors
  • Work with legal teams to ensure the building can operate immediately



Our Value Proposition as a GC


Financial Transparency

Arbie builds relationships with its clients through trust. We offer full accounting transparency! Rest easy knowing you have full access to see where every dollar goes for your project. Additionally we do not up charge on any materials or finishes, our GC is a flat fee on the total project's cost.

  • Project Financials updated weekly
  • On-demand review with our financial team
  • Categorized project expenditures with invoices
  • Detailed information for every line item

Proper Insurance

Our clients have confidence knowing that if anything terrible ever happened at any of our job sites, Arbie has one of the best insurance polices from Llyods of London. Our umbrella policy covers up to $15 million for incidents ranging from natural disasters to on-site accidents so you can maintain peace of mind everyday the job site is up.


Turn-key Construction

 Arbie's construction division's goal is to provide turn-key results for our clients. Clients do not deal with the headaches of obtaining permits or sign-offs after the building is completed. Arbie obtains all of the required permits and sign-offs, including the TCO or Certificate of Occupancy. At Arbie we deal with the nuts and bolts of construction, so our clients don't have to.

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